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Innovative & Disruptive Solutions for Today's Digital Economy

Welcome to LVL 88 Ventures

Your Trusted Advisors & Growth Partners

Innovative & Disruptive Solutions for Today's Digital Economy

Welcome to LVL 88 Ventures

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What We Do

At LVL 88, we take a holistic approach to deal making, taking a proactive role in business restructuring and execution of complex transactions. We advise businesses who need access to growth capital, as well as possible expansion or sale of business through mergers and acquisitions. Our team invests a lot of time and energy to understand and respect personal interests, needs and sensitivities of all stakeholders. Most importantly, we take a proactive role in bringing qualified parties together and in providing seamless multidisciplinary advice to make deals happen sooner.

We also provide comprehensive business planning and investment opportunities to wealthy individuals and families. We prudently design solutions to fulfil our client’s portfolio diversification through our comprehensive and integrated wealth planning strategies, with consistent and stable returns.

We enjoy working with businesses, individuals, entrepreneurs and investors who want experienced and trusted professional advice who share the same beliefs and ambitions for success or results. From providing strategic advice on their growth plans, fund raising, acquisitions and disposals, and adding expertise and measurable value to their businesses or managing their wealth portfolio as in crafting bespoke wealth and portfolio management solutions to deliver what is most important to our discerning clients: their business growth and preservation of their wealth. 



We create your firms unique offerings to stand out from the crowd



We build the a seasoned and qualified team to execute the plans. 

Our Core Services


Digital Business Transformation Services

We are a boutique agency or venture builder uniquely designed to transform businesses through innovation and the use of emerging and disrupting technologies. LVL 88 transforms our clients' businesses and integrates them into an existing ecosystem and then assist them in manoeuvring rapidly into changing digital landscapes or economies.  We promote and help build and transform ventures based on emerging technologies such as Fintech, Blockchains, Smart Contracts, Decentralised Ledgers, IoT, Peer to Peer marketplaces, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality and Big Data.


Digital Assets Advisory & Blockchain Services

We advise and build disruptive companies with blockchain technologies. LVL 88 is a Singapore-based fintech and blockchain incubator firm that helps startups and early-stage ventures growth through value-added solutions. We act as your business mentors and technology advisors on Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or Security Token Offering (STO) campaigns, acquisitions, raising equity and debt funding and launching new products and ventures. We provide an extensive range of services coupled with the many years of experience and expertise in Fintech. marketing and PR, management, consulting, programming, cybersecurity, education, legal advisory, fundraising and many more. We are here to help you to deliver a success story!


Aviation Advisory Services

We provide transaction support to clients involved in buying or selling aviation assets or optimizing the financial structure of aviation operations working with a range of aviation companies, financial institutions, and advisors, including bond holders, legal advisors, boards of directors, and trustees in:

• Helping private equity firms investing in the aviation sector accurately assess potential business opportunities

• Deliver informed insights on risk and value to law firms, investment banks, and other advisors involved in aviation mergers, acquisitions, bankruptcies, and financing arrangements

• Assist airlines and manufacturers with raising capital and restructuring debt

Our in-depth ground knowledge of the day-to-day operational, commercial, technical, and competitive aspects of the aviation industry have made us a trustworthy partner in some of the most complex and notable projects in the aviation industry. 


• Business Plan Development and Review

• Structuring and Negotiate Debt Financing 

• Purchase or Lease of Aircraft and Equipment 

• Identify Potential Investment Opportunities 

• Assist Fund Raising and Debt Restructuring 

• New Airline - General Business and Startup Business Advisory Services

• Private Jet On Demand and Pre Paid Program Services


• Secondary Market Aircraft Leasing

• Aircraft Chartering - Private Jets

• Medical Evacuation

• Private Jets Aircraft Operations 

• Portfolio Product Development


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Customer Testimonials

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